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Future news will be listed here.

Future news will be listed here.

Jim-Bob? Or Jim-Fail? 5/5/17

Jim-Bob is a new group that has been created against us, the

Little Timmy Group. We need to sort out a stragety so we dont lose

our members, and our valuable team.

LTIS. New group? Or new enemy? 5/8/17

A new group has been created called LTIS. LTIS stands for

Little Timmy Is Stupid (It is not). We need to make sure that

not a lot of people join that group and have stronger forces than us.

Little Timmy Studios, INC.

Hi there! I'm the founder of Little Timmy Studios, INC. Or you might know me as Nick. I am proud to be here, Well... virtually be here. I want to share some things with you people veiwing my website. As you probably know, Little Timmy Studios, INC. Is a company, run by me, Nicholas Dokadze, a ten year old boy living in the United States of America. I created Timmy when i was trying to draw something or someone.. I forgot, but right when i drew him, on accident, I never thought he would become this popular. On May 5, 2017, I drew Timmy for the first time. Everyone admired it, and wanted to help me. And of course, i accepted all of the help i could get! But not everyone gets accepted, though.

Who is Little Timmy?

Oh, im glad you asked! Little Timmy is a character i created who is in middle school, and lives with his mom, dad, and bossy sister. He goes to Sherwood Middle School in California. He has lots of good friends, but he needs to keep away from all of those bullies!

How do you join Little Timmy Studios INC?

To join the group, you need to apply. I ask you some questions about your drawing, and writing skills, and then i ask you to draw Little Timmy! Not everyone makes it... though. Some people are denied, some are accepted. I like to have the best team possible!